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  1. Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
  2. Emma Waltraud Howes: Ankyloglossia (n. Tongue-tie)
  3. Ragnar Kjartansson: The End: Venezia 2009
  4. I Cancel All My Works at Death
  5. Sweet Sixties
  6. Jennifer West: Spirals of Time
  7. Ken Okiishi: The Very Quick of the Word
  8. MAY Issue 13
  9. Dan Graham and Jessica Russell: Architecture/Astrology
  10. The Phantom of Liberty
  11. Ian James: Industrial Color/Light Test
  12. Iris Häussler: Joseph Wagenbach: Liebe macht machen überleben, Love makes making survive
  13. The Bookmobile Book
  14. Katrin Koffman: Ensembles Assembled: In Full Color
  15. Jesse Huisken: Technical Impossibility
  16. Zug Magazine Issue 8
  17. Hans Schabus : Hans Schabus: Transport
  18. Claudia La Rocco: The Best Most Useless Dress
  19. Björk
  20. Somewhere in Between
  21. Jonathan Monk: Finger Food
  22. Gran Fury: Read My Lips
  23. Curating Research
  24. Yishu Journal
  25. NDP #4