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  1. Out
  2. Osmos Magazine: Issue 06
  3. Paul Windle: Cars with Stuff on Top
  4. Tess Roby: succession of divers into the pool
  5. Aperture 221: Performance
  6. Hamish Fulton: Walking Transformation
  7. Isaac Flagg: Canadian Art
  8. Finn Zygowski: Magnificent Desolation
  9. Afterimage Vol. 43, No. 3
  10. Dick Higgins and Wolf Vostell: Fantastic Architecture
  11. stars & stripes / new york garbage flag profile
  12. Nicholas Nixon: About Forty Years
  13. Michal Budny
  14. Roman Signer: Slow Movement
  15. Dale Edwin Wittig: Another about the Author
  16. Seth Fluker and Sheila Heti: Seth and Sheila Stayed Behind
  17. Benjamin Freedman: Moon Rocks
  18. Lydo Elise Le: Nothing Left to Waste
  19. Lisa Oppenheim : Lisa Oppenheim: Works 2003-2013
  20. Carousel 35
  21. Saul Anton and Lee Friedlander: Lee Friedlander: The Little Screens
  22. Adél Koleszár: New Routes Of Faith
  23. Athena Torri: The Outsider
  24. Karen Azoulay: Flowers And Their Meanings
  25. Andrew Zealley: Disco Hospital