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Behind Your Stumbling
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Recent Arrivals

  1. Kara Walker: A Black Hole Is Everything a Star Longs to Be
  2. Tom Lloyd: Black Art Notes
  3. A Documentary HerStory of Women Artists in Revolution
  4. Charmaine A. Nelson: Slavery, Geography and Empire in Nineteenth-Century Marine Landscapes of Montreal and Jamaica
  5. Diane Borsato and Amish Morrell: Outdoor School
  6. SF Ho: George the Parasite
  7. Nour Bishouty and Jacob Korczynski: 1—130
  8. Draw it with your Eyes Closed
  9. Ashley Bedet and Fionn Duffy: A Three-Body Problem
  10. Ellen Mara De Wachter: Co-Art: Artists on Creative Collaboration
  11. Ingo Niermann: Solution 295-304: Mare Amoris
  12. Paola Antonelli, Irma Boom, Anna Burckhardt, and Neri Oxman: Neri Oxman: Material Ecology
  13. FAR-NEAR Volume Three: Devotion
  15. Hito Steyerl: The Wretched of the Screen
  16. Shumon Basar, Douglas Coupland, and Hans Ulrich Obrist: Age of Earthquakes
  17. Kim Gordon and Branden W. Joseph: Is It My Body?
  18. FAR-NEAR Volume One: Movement
  19. Peter Fischli and David Weiss: House
  20. Julia Schlosser: Alex (Alex’s body)
  21. Germaine Koh: Crowd Shyness
  22. Rirkrit Tiravanija: Fear Eats the Soul
  23. Katya García-Antón, Harald Gaski, and Gunvor Guttorm: Let the River Flow: An Indigenous Uprising and its Legacy in Art, Ecology and Politics
  24. Paul Chan: Selected Writings 2000-2014
  25. Dodie Bellamy and Kota Ezawa: Behind Your Stumbling
  26. Sara Cwynar: Glass Life
  27. Zadie Smith: Intimations
  28. Christopher K. Ho and Daisy Nam: Best! Letters from Asian Americans in the arts
  29. Martha Rosler: Culture Class
  30. Pascal Gielen and Niels Van Tomme: Aesthetic Justice
  31. Kirsten Grimstad and Susan Rennie: The New Woman’s Survival Catalog
  32. FAR-NEAR Volume Two: Taste-Distaste
  33. Maria Lind and Cecilia Widenheim: Migration
  34. Cécile B. Evans, Cao Fei, Elsa Himmer, Lynn Hershmann Leeson, Shana Moulton, Heike Munder, Paul B. Preciado, Frances Stark, Wu Tsang, Anna Uddenberg, VNS Matrix, Yvonne Volkart, Joanna Walsh, Guan Xiao, and Anicka Yi: Producing Futures
  35. Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer and Beatrice von Bismarck: Curatorial Things
  36. Todd Oldham: The Best of Nest
  38. Jacquelyn Ross: Young Adult // Issue No. 02
  39. Form Follows Fiction
  40. Matt Nish-Lapidus: Work, Life, Balance
  41. Tings Chak: Undocumented: The Architecture of Migrant Detention
  42. Michael Snow: Cover to Cover
  43. What’s Love (or Care, Intimacy, Warmth, Affection) Got to Do with it?
  44. Liz Kotz and Eileen Myles: The New Fuck You
  45. Martine Syms: Shame Space
  46. Sigrid Asmus, Romare Bearden, Robert Colescott, Ellen Gallagher, Mildred Howard, Wangechi Mutu, Alison Saar, Lorna Simpson, Mickalene Thomas, and Kara Walker: Beyond Mammy, Jezebel & Sapphire
  47. Chris Kraus: Where Art Belongs
  48. Reinhold Görling, Barbara Gronau, and Ludger Schwarte: Aesthetics of Standstill
  49. Eva Ebersberger and Daniela Zyman: Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary: The Commissions Book
  50. Related Tactics: SHELF LIFE