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Art Metropole at Art Basel Switzerland 2017
Ronald Rose-Antoinette presents Nocturnal Fabulations
Martine Syms - Incense, Sweaters and Ice
Parvaneh Radmard - Another Birth
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  1. Monica Moraru: Midnight & Noon
  2. Sarah Haug: Silky Nipple Fluffy Butt
  3. cherry kutti: balloon
  4. cherry kutti: lipstick
  5. Daniel Escamilla: La FIFA en vacaciones
  6. Nocturnal Fabulations
  7. Art Against Art, Issue #3
  8. Ari Perezdiez: La Bola De Cristal #2
  9. Espace 116
  10. Ari Perezdiez: Everything Is Nothing & Literally Whatevrr
  11. Ola El-Khalidi: Shahenda: On Smoking
  12. Antonia Carrara and Evelyn Taocheng Wang: Unintended Experience
  13. Renée Lavaillante, une archéologie du dessin
  14. Jacquelyn Ross: Young Adult // Issue No. 01
  15. Anna-Sophie Springer and Etienne Turpin: Fantasies of the Library
  16. Fred Moten: In The Break
  17. Rebel, Jester, Mystic, Poet
  18. Alice Zukofsky: Fish Fowl Flood Mud: Think of the Storm
  19. Forms of Education: Couldn’t Get a Sense of It
  20. cherry kutti: WEIRD W/O U
  21. Espace 113
  22. Eli Howey: Cover You In Flowers
  23. Katie Lyle and Jacquelyn Ross: Drawings on Yellow Paper
  24. Eli Howey: Endless Vibrations Parallel Frequencies
  25. The Suspended Step of Communization