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  1. Steve Kado: Previas
  2. J. Parker Valentine: Fiction
  3. John Miller: Mike Kelley
  4. Fear of Language
  5. Chris Kraus: Kelly Lake Store & Other Stories
  6. Ryan Trecartin: Yet
  7. Sweet Sixties
  8. Laura Letinsky: Ill Form and Void Full
  9. Acid Sweat Lodge: Rock and Roll Meeting
  10. Iris Häussler: Joseph Wagenbach: Liebe macht machen überleben, Love makes making survive
  11. Terms of Exhibiting (From A to Z)
  12. Sturtevant: Double Trouble
  13. Mary Manning: First Impressions of Greece
  14. Justin Apperly: Freeze Up Break Up
  15. Dorothy Iannone: Censorship and the Irrepressible Drive Toward Love and Divinity
  16. Jennifer West: Spirals of Time
  17. John Fahey: Paintings
  18. Yoko Ono: One Woman Show, 1960–1971
  19. Editorial Magazine Sweatshirt
  20. Jason Roberts Dobrin: Roses
  21. Ragnar Kjartansson: Take Me Here by the Dishwasher
  22. Emma Waltraud Howes: Ankyloglossia (n. Tongue-tie)
  23. Girls Like Us Issue 6
  24. Silke Otto-Knapp: Questions of Travel
  25. Moyra Davey: Burn the Diaries