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  1. Dan Graham and Jessica Russell: Architecture/Astrology
  2. Amc2 Journal Issue 4
  3. Dean Blunt: Cîroc Boyz
  4. Art or Sound
  5. S_A_E_I_O
  6. Kevin Schmidt: EDM House
  7. Stephen Gill: Hackney Wick
  8. Louise Bourgeois: I Have Been to Hell and Back
  9. Alfredo Jaar: Tonight No Poetry Will Serve
  10. Thomas Marecki and Akiko Watanabe: Dogod
  11. Untitled Zine
  13. Ellie Uyttenbroek and Ari Versluis: Exactitudes
  14. Zbigniew Libera: Fotografie
  15. Susanna Zak: On Matters of Living Life Lived on Life
  16. Primitive Beast, Language
  17. Steven Beckly: Island
  18. Benjamin Freedman: MOON PORTRAIT
  19. Riot Act
  20. Ragnar Kjartansson: Take Me Here by the Dishwasher
  21. X-Tra Volume 17 Number 3
  22. Ken Kagami: Bart Works
  23. Zug Magazine Issue 8
  24. Peter Kalyniuk: Lost in a Crowd of Ghosts
  25. Jonny Petersen: Mystery Party