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  1. Sam Falls: Ferns and Palms
  2. The Grand Domestic Revolution Handbook
  3. Laura Owens: Twelve Paintings
  4. Zora Mann’s Magical Coloring Book
  5. Spector: Cut + Paste #1-4
  6. Parachute: The Anthology, Vol. III
  7. KLAT
  8. Claudia La Rocco: The Best Most Useless Dress
  9. Sara Gernsbacher: Trance at Night
  10. Seth Price: Folklore U.S.
  11. Robert Slifkin: Bruce Nauman: Going Solo
  12. David Wojnarowicz: Brush Fires in the Social Landscape
  13. Wade Guyton: Zeichnungen für ein kleines Zimmer
  14. Cory Arcangel: All the Small Things
  15. Jonathan Monk: Finger Food
  16. Sweet Sixties
  17. Paul Chan: 2000 Words
  18. David Horvitz: A Trip to the Spiral Jetty from Riverside, California, circa 2002-2004
  19. Some Canterbury Tales
  20. Jesus Days
  21. Muses Volume 4
  22. Eileen Myles: The Importance of Being Iceland
  23. Mousse #46
  24. Somewhere in Between
  25. Jason Fulford: The Mushroom Collector