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  1. Fear of Language
  2. Jeff Ladouceur: Schmo
  3. Zbigniew Libera: Fotografie
  4. Dorothy Iannone: Censorship and the Irrepressible Drive Toward Love and Divinity
  5. Kim Jong Il Looking at Things
  6. Jesse Huisken and Jesse Huisken: Superimposition 2
  7. Jonathan Monk: Alakazam
  8. Mira, Study for a Portrait
  9. Next Morning
  11. Eve Fowler: Hustlers
  12. Emma Waltraud Howes: Ankyloglossia (n. Tongue-tie)
  13. Public Collectors
  14. Jason Fulford: The Mushroom Collector
  15. John Miller: Mike Kelley
  16. Alfredo Jaar: Tonight No Poetry Will Serve
  17. Reto Pulfer: Der Grottenkatalog
  18. Pablo Fanego: Hans Schabus: The Space of Conflict
  19. Seth Price: Folklore U.S.
  20. Nein, Onkel
  21. Zug Magazine Issue 8
  22. Ian James: Industrial Color/Light Test
  23. Jochen Lempert: 4 Frogs
  24. Brian Roettinger: Reproductions
  25. daisuke ichiba: Untitled Poster - A