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  1. Mousse #47
  2. Un Ano de Basura (One Year of Garbage)
  3. A Sudden Drop Collector’s Edition
  4. Niels Van Tomme: Visibility Machines
  5. Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
  6. Zbigniew Libera: Fotografie
  7. Jalal Toufic: Forthcoming
  8. Art or Sound
  9. Natalie Czech: I can not repeat what I hear
  10. Sturtevant: Drawing Double Reversal
  11. Gran Fury: Read My Lips
  12. Jonathan Monk: Finger Food
  13. Artists’ Cocktails
  14. Ray Johnson: Not Nothing
  15. Wheels and Trophies
  16. Zug Magazine Issue 8
  17. Camera Austria International
  18. Barbara Balfour: The Inkiest Black
  19. Kim Jong Il Looking at Things
  20. Curating Research
  21. Parkett #94
  22. I Cancel All My Works at Death
  23. Pablo Fanego: Hans Schabus: The Space of Conflict
  24. John Miller: Mike Kelley
  25. Stephen Gill: Hackney Flowers