The Bird and the Cup

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  1. Benjamin Freedman: Observations of Foreign Objects in a Remote Town
  2. Jeff Ladouceur: Schmo
  3. Susanna Zak: Earth Tongue
  4. Sturtevant: Double Trouble
  5. Anton Bruhin: Selected works from Hice for Weiss
  6. Jennifer West: Spirals of Time
  7. Ken Kagami: Bart Works
  8. Wheels and Trophies
  9. Keith Jones and Seth Scriver: Perish Plains Vol. 3
  10. Portraits by Waiters
  11. KLAT
  12. Jason Fulford: The Mushroom Collector
  13. The Corinthians
  14. A Sudden Drop Collector’s Edition
  15. Gran Fury: Read My Lips
  16. Maïder Fortuné and Annie MacDonell: The Bird and the Cup
  17. David Brandon Geeting: Infinite Power
  18. Raphael Rubinstein: The Miraculous
  19. Amc2 Journal Issue 1
  20. Acid Sweat Lodge: Rock and Roll Meeting
  21. Jesse Huisken: Superimposition 2
  22. Thomas Marecki and Akiko Watanabe: Dogod 2
  23. Ragnar Kjartansson: Take Me Here by the Dishwasher
  24. Happy Hypocrite Issue 7
  25. Tim Lee: 162 People