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Ben Kinmont Project Series: Ian Wilson
Art Metropole x PMVABF’s Classroom program series
Art Metropole at the Printed Matter Virtual Art Book Fair
“Art Book Pop-Ups” edition of BOOKED: at the Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage and Arts, Hong Kong
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Recent Arrivals

  1. Nick Aikens and Elizabeth Robles: The Place is Here
  2. Sophia Yadong Hao: Of Other Spaces
  3. Jesse Birch and Will Holder: The Mill
  4. Nina Valerie Kolowratnik: The Language of Secret Proof
  5. Michael Snow: Cover to Cover
  6. David Hartt: Slavery, Geography and Empire In Nineteenth-Century Marine Landscapes of Montréal and Jamaica by Charmaine A. Nelson
  7. Olah Mara: Selected Works from 1993 to 2010
  8. Hito Steyerl: The Wretched of the Screen
  9. Nour Bishouty and Jacob Korczynski: 1—130
  10. FAR-NEAR Volume One: Movement
  11. SF Ho: George the Parasite
  12. Liz Kotz and Eileen Myles: The New Fuck You
  13. Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer and Beatrice von Bismarck: Curatorial Things
  14. Xuan Ye: Xi Xi
  15. Dani Burrows and Aaron Cezar: Politics of Food
  16. Stan Douglas: The Secret Agent | Collector’s Edition
  17. Dodie Bellamy, Jeanne Gerrity, and Anthony Huberman: Dodie Bellamy Is on Our Mind
  18. From Sea to Shining Sea
  19. Anuradha Vikram: Decolonizing Culture
  20. Martha Rosler: Culture Class
  21. Ashley Bedet and Fionn Duffy: A Three-Body Problem
  22. Brendan Fernandes and Inner Decay: BRENDAN FERNANDES ZEBRA SKULL BACK PATCH
  23. Paul Chan: Selected Writings 2000-2014
  24. FAR-NEAR Volume Two: Taste-Distaste
  25. What’s Love (or Care, Intimacy, Warmth, Affection) Got to Do with it?
  26. Helen Reed: Art Criticism & Other Short Stories
  27. Garry Neill Kennedy: The Last Art College
  28. Martine Syms: Shame Space
  29. Michelle Dizon and Việt Lê: White Gaze
  30. Pascal Gielen and Niels Van Tomme: Aesthetic Justice
  31. Image Bank
  32. Paola Antonelli, Irma Boom, Anna Burckhardt, and Neri Oxman: Neri Oxman: Material Ecology
  33. FAR-NEAR Volume Three: Devotion
  34. Hilma af Klint
  35. Micah Silver: Figures in Air
  36. Sarah Sze: Centrifuge
  37. Antwaun Sargent: Young, Gifted and Black: A New Generation of Artists
  38. Walter Scott: Wendy, Master of Art
  39. Shumon Basar, Douglas Coupland, and Hans Ulrich Obrist: Age of Earthquakes
  40. Jörg Heiser: Double Lives in Art and Pop Music
  41. Cécile B. Evans, Cao Fei, Elsa Himmer, Lynn Hershmann Leeson, Shana Moulton, Heike Munder, Paul B. Preciado, Frances Stark, Wu Tsang, Anna Uddenberg, VNS Matrix, Yvonne Volkart, Joanna Walsh, Guan Xiao, and Anicka Yi: Producing Futures
  42. Zadie Smith: Intimations
  43. Chris Kraus and Eileen Myles: I Love Dick
  44. Germaine Koh: Crowd Shyness
  45. Matt Nish-Lapidus: Work, Life, Balance
  46. Chris Kraus and David Rattray: How I Became One of the Invisible
  47. Legacy Russell: Glitch Feminism
  48. Form Follows Fiction
  49. Chris Kraus: After Kathy Acker
  50. Maria Lind, Michele Masucci, and Joanna Warsza: Red Love