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  1. Steven Beckly: Still Life
  2. I Cancel All My Works at Death
  3. Aperture 217: Lit
  4. Toilet Paper Issue 11
  5. Kevin Schmidt: EDM House
  6. Thanks for the View, Mr. Mies
  7. Amc2 Journal Issue 10
  8. A Sudden Drop
  9. Some Things 2
  10. Prefix Photo Issue 31
  11. Tokyo Tokyo
  12. Shining in Absence
  13. Benjamin Marra: Terror Assaulter (One Man War on Terror)
  14. Sara Gernsbacher: Trance at Night
  15. Justin Apperly: Freeze Up Break Up
  17. Chloë Sevigny: No time for love
  18. Peter Strehle: Lost Stories
  19. Raphael Rubinstein: The Miraculous
  20. Curating Research
  21. Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin: The Holy Bible
  22. Matthew Damhave: Porno’Clock on Mall Street or Turbohedonism is Go; Medicins Sans Frontieres!
  23. Some Los Angeles Apartments
  24. Ragnar Kjartansson: To Music
  25. Michael Snow: Photo-Centric