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01 Jan. 2008


A timeline of Art Metropole's history to 2004

Art Metropole is pleased to announce the online availability of EVIDENCE OF 30 YEARS ±, a complete history of the organization, up to 2004 – compiled, sorted and easily downloadable as a PDF document.

EVIDENCE OF 30 YEARS ± documents the exhibition of the same name at Art Metropole (October 23 to November 27, 2004). Curated by AM Director Ann Dean and co-founder AA Bronson, the show was organized and mounted to celebrate the organization’s 30th anniversary.

Comprising 300 titles (including editions, publications, ephemera and other items), EVIDENCE OF 30 YEARS ± represents Art Metropole’s integral role in the realm(s) of contemporary and conceptual art. The show – and the respective online resource –includes a graphic timeline, compiled by curator Fern Bayer and designed by Nestor Kruger. Many of the items featured in EVIDENCE OF 30 YEARS ± are also housed in The Art Metropole Collection (The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa) – and includes work by Art Metropole’s international roster of lifetime members: James Carl, Tom Dean, Robert Fones, Jamelie Hassan, Matthias Herrmann, Luis Jacob, Garry Neill Kennedy, Terence Koh [a.k.a. asianpunkboy], Sol Lewitt, Sally MacKay, Will Munro, Maurizio Nannucci, Daniel Olson, Yoko Ono, Sandy Plotnikoff, Michael Snow, Chrysanne Stathacos, Lawrence Weiner, Andrew Zealley, and more).

Evidence of 30 Years ±, Art Metropole, 2008. 40 pp, PDF. Graphic timeline designed by artist Nestor Kruger and compiled by Fern Bayer. Document design by Tonik Wojtyra.



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