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A World of Our Own | Eline McGeorge

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21.7 × 29.7 × 0.4 cm

‘A World of Our Own’ weaves together stories of various actual and fictional female freedom fighters across different times and places, who assemble for a future mission in the world’s largest financial centre. They are linked through time and space through a montage of various elements, such as drawn animation, video footage shot by the artist, and found footage, combined with sound snippets from different sources, interview excerpts, radio transmission, music, written text, again animated. Both elusive and concrete ‘A World of Our Own’ addresses current political struggles and feminist legacies, the past seeping into the present and enabling a different future, one in the here and now, a constant loop, just like the video itself forms a continuously playing sequence.’

The artist-book ‘A-W-O-R-L-D-O-F-O-U-R-O-W-N’ follows the video-work in installation, and contains a transcript that uses a narrative to expand on the references in the video, inciting the visual elements of the abstract animated parts.

  1. A World of Our Own | Eline McGeorge

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