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hotam #1

Ho Tam
self published
Artists' Books
21 × 27.5 × 0.3 cm

From the artist:

hotam is an photobook disguised as a magazine. Having worked with the “magazine” format for some time, I decide to explore and experiment further in this form. hotam is thus born. I see it as a new possibility of artist’s book, using the technology of digital printing. It is planned to be a serial publication. Each issue will be an independent entity with a theme and an individual approach. Different from magazines and more like an artist’s book or zine, it will only have a sole creator, me, overlooking from conception to design to production to distribution.

In hotam #1 (A Brief History of Me), I would like to give an introduction to my life, so far. My old photographs and the history events form together a timeline. Although no year or date is specified, the reader can tell the time because each page represents a year of my life. Having turned 50, I try to look inward at my somewhat privileged life and reflect upon my position in the world.

  1. hotam #1

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