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Border Crossings Issue #128

23 × 30 × 0.5 cm


Dossier Why

Meeka Walsh


Blue Who

Vexing Generosities

Formal Intimacies

Sophie Jodoin

Lightening Up


One Hour in the Day of The Clock

Robert Enright


The Perfection of the Tree and Other Material Concerns

An Interview with Giuseppe Penone

Robert Enright

Plane Talk

An Interview with Eli Bornstein

Robert Enright


Darkness, Be Not Proud

Robert Burley and the Death of Photography

Katie Addleman

Faith, Hope and Verity

Michel Campeau’s Photography and Realism

Martha Langford

Once Upon a Time Before

The Art of Carol Wainio

Sarah Milroy


Fogo Island Dialogues

Belonging to a Place



Janet Cardiff, Alona Rodeh, Naama Tsabar

Sarah Peguine

Sakahàn, International Indigineous Art

Michael Davidge

Ellen Gallagher

Paul Carey-Kent

“Disquiet: Trace Nelson, Marcia Pitch, Carole Epp”

Steven Leyden Cochrane

Erica Mendritzki

Michel de Broin

John Grande

The Video Art of Sylvia Safdie

“Amzrou / Morocco”

Celina Jeffery

Video Pool Media Arts Centre

30th Anniversary Screenings

J.J. Kegan McFadden

Cory Arcangel

Tracy Valcourt

Mary Pratt

Martin Pearce

Sherry Walchuk

Johanne Sloan

“An Art at the Mercy of Light: Recent Works by Eli Bornstein” and “Leaves: Rodney LaTourelle

Marcus Miller

“Sovereignty Landings”, and Trevor Paglen

Aryen Hoekstra

  1. Border Crossings Issue #128

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