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Meet the Residents : Flexi-disc

The Residents
File Megazine
23.5 × 18.5 cm

1000 copies of this limited edition clear, acetate flexi were manufactured to be included free in the February 1974 issue of ‘File’ (Vol.2, #5), an art magazine from Toronto, Canada.

In 1977, Ralph Records sold remaining unused copies of the flexi-disc stapled in a foldout B/W cardboard cover (see second release Meet The Residents).

Contains excerpts of the following songs from The Residents LP Meet The Residents: Numb Erone; Guylum Bardot; Smelly Tongues; Rest Aria; N-ER-GEE (A Crisis Bluesuite); Seasoned Greetings.

Manufacturing in U.S.A. by Eva-Tone Soundsheets, Deerfield, Illinois.
Ralph Records is a division of Residents Uninc.

Track List:

A Meet The Residents

  1. Meet the Residents

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