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7.3 × 10.5 in
164 pages

Backlit, oneiric and softly colored as a Caravaggio painting, the portraits in this striking photo book by Dusseldorf–based artists Dagmar Keller and Martin Wittwer feel lost in time. While staying in Warsaw as artists-in-residence at CSW Zamek Ujazdowski, Keller and Wittwer decided to leave the city and hit the road. They traveled by late-night bus, linking the villages, small towns and cities of Poland. During those journeys, they captured passengers obscured behind stained, ice-covered windows in the pale light of the stations: portraits of people, lost in thought, resting or dozing, dazed from lack of sleep or simply bored. The striking contrast between the subtle portraits and the almost-banal circumstances of their creation is what makes this publication so magical, alongside the breathtaking full-bleed reproductions of their pigment inket prints.

  1. Passengers
  2. Passengers
  3. Passengers
  4. Passengers

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