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Prefix Photo Issue 31: Natural Resources

Prefix Photo
22 × 25.5 cm

Prefix Photo is an engaging magazine dedicated to contemporary photography and related arts. Characterized by innovative design and outstanding production values, Prefix Photo consists primarily of portfolio and essay sections, providing a complement of intelligent texts and breath-taking visuals. These features are accompanied by newsbriefs which provide information and opportunities for professional photographers, including new technological developments.

Each issue of Prefix Photo presents the work of Canadian photographers, both emerging and established, alongside that of their international counterparts. But Prefix Photo is not restricted to images conventionally considered to be “photographic”; its mandate encompasses film, video and digital art. Whether photographic or photo-based, photocollage or photocopied, photogravure or photogram, Prefix Photo seeks to represent the breadth of practices and concepts, old, new, or as yet unimagined, which surround the transformation of light into image. Prefix Photo creates a space in which the notion of photography is open to infinite possibilities of change, development and growth — where photography is, in a sense, “prefixed.”

Issue 31 features:

Beaux Gestes: The Work of Yto Barrada
By Scott McLeod

Cold War Repose
By Shawn Micallef

Indigenous Land as Common Ground: Understanding Decolonization through Unsettled Landscapes
By Ellyn Walker

Liquid Economics: Visualizing Water at La Biennale de Montréal 2014
By Jayne Wilkinson

Michael Snow’s Visual Trickery
By Leah Modigliani

Portfolios by:
Yto Barrada
Taysir Batniji
Ursula Biemann
Raymond Boisjoly
Scott Chandler
Gianfranco Foschino
Mishka Henner
Susan Norrie
Susana Reisman
Victoria Sambunaris
Kevin Schmidt
Hito Steyerl

  1. Prefix Photo Issue 31

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