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The day my mother touched Robert Ryman

Stefan Sulzer
Edition Taube
Artists' Books
11 × 17.5 × 1 cm
168 pages

“The end of art is not the end.” as Ad Reinhardt once said.

The Artists’ Book by Stefan Sulzer tells the story of a visit to the Dia Art Foundation in Beacon NY, on which the mother of the artist felt so offended by the elegant simplicity of Rymans paintings, that she slowly and in a focused manner let her hand slide over one of the paintings. Stefan Sulzer combines this story with statements and information about the work of Ryman and thereby creates a selective and poetic narration about the analytic and emotional reception of art.

The design of the book borrows strategies of Ryman: The excessive use of white space builds a subtle and hermetic object, related to a statement from the text in the book: “Mallarmé talked about the white of the page as a void that gives relief from the intensity signified by the blackness of print.“

The text of this book is based on the eponymous video piece from 2013 (

  1. the day my mother touched robert ryman

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