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The Fabricator's Tale

Katrina Palmer
Book Works
Artists' Books
4.5 × 7 in
200 pages
Short Stories

Experimental writer and artist Katrina Palmer uses language as a material which she performs in private readings or in live, public performances. Her second publication from Book Works, The Fabricator’s Tale, is comprised of 24 tense and violent stories intertwined to form a narrative whole but twisted into a parody of a novel. Reminiscent of the extremist storytelling of William Burroughs and Kathy Acker as well as the Cinema of Transgression, Palmer’s nightmarish fantasies pack a visceral punch. Neatly contained in this compact novel-scaled publication, the short, abstract and disturbing vignettes expose the repressed tensions and malaise of contemporary life in a fantasy-space that upends male/female power relations, the animate and inanimate, and the cracking points of human subjectivity. Based in London, Palmer is also the author of The Dark Object, and recently awarded the new but highly acclaimed UK Artangel Open Commission.

  1. The Fabricator’s Tale

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