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Carousel 35

9 × 24 × 0.3 cm
80 pgs
Fiction, Contemporary Art, Poetry, Essays

An 80 page bi-annual hybrid literary/arts magazine representing new and established Canadian artists (with a selection of international contributors), CAROUSEL highlights a comfortable merging of textual and visual content, presenting work across many genres … if it is original and engaging, we aim to see it in print.

C35 features new poetry, fiction and visual pieces by Eduardo C. Corral, Lisa De Luca, Leah Jane Esau, Cara Evans, Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao, Louisa Howerow, Luke Ramsey, Robin Richardson, Sam Shelstad, Michael Toke, Daniel Scott Tysdal and Vaka Valo.

Features: Jim Johnstone examines the act of collaboration in contemporary Canadian poetry. Jason Paradiso looks at the ‘self-authoring’ that occurs in cosplay culture, as explored through the lens of Viennese photographer Klaus Pichler. Emily Fitzpatrick profiles Toronto-based new generation artist Hazel Meyer, a creator committed to both a socially engaged and material-based practice.

In the special section, the 4PANEL team of Rosaire Appel, Mark Connery, W.A. Davison, Jessica Fortner, Jesse Jacobs, Dunja Jankovic, Mark Laliberte, Aaron Linton, Billy Mavreas, Andrei Molotiu, Marc Ngui, Luke Ramsey, Ethan Rilly, Fiona Smyth, Tin Can Forest and Kerry Zentner continue to unearth the literary and experimental possibilities of the sequential strip.

Paperback, b&w and colour throughout.

  1. Carousel 35

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