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Stop Harper Tee-Shirt

Laura Repo, Kingi Carpenter, & Chris Parsons

A T-shirt project for 2015 Canadian Election inspired by Senate Page Brigette DePape who held up her “Stop Harper” sign during the Speech from the Throne in 2011. A Chris Parsons Design and collaboration with Laura Repo and Kingi Carpenter.

Brigette DePape is a Canadian activist from Winnipeg, Manitoba who came to Canadian national attention on June 3, 2011. While a participant in the Canadian Senate Page Program in 2011, DePape stood in protest during the Throne Speech in the Senate, silently holding up a sign that said “Stop Harper!” This action led to her prompt dismissal, for breaching the non-partisan nature of the page position and disrupting the Governor General in Parliament. In a subsequent interview, DePape explained that she disagreed with Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s policies. A few days after her protest in the Senate chamber, Michael Moore offered DePape a job. DePape stated that she had also received job offers from the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) and the Council of Canadians, where she is currently working.

  1. stop harper tee shirt

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