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Walking Transformation

Hamish Fulton
300 × 220 cm
64 pgs
New Media, Performance Art, Photography

Hamish Fulton, born in London in 1946, is working on an entirely independent body of work that is rather poetic and borne by a distinguished, authentic and open-minded attitude. For over 40 years, he has been conveying and acknowledging “walking” as an art form: Walks. Fulton makes Walks in all corners of the world, such as a walk “From Coast to Coast” in the UK, for instance. They result in wall drawings and images, photos and objects capturing in a variety of ways the defining phenomena of the Walks. At the same time, according to the motto “No Walk, No Art”, they can also be read as a passive protest against the excesses of urbanization that Fulton formulates in a sympathetic, yet uncompromising way. In 1994, Hamish Fulton, for the first time, directly involved other people in his work with a Group Walk. This volume documents the nucleus of the exhibition at Villa Merkel in Esslingen (9/3–8/6/2014), the Walks recorded by the artist in recent years in Tibet and India.

Hardcover with dust jacket, b&w and colour throughout.

  1. walking transformation

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