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Mark Lewis
Editions Enigmatiques
Artists' Books
9.4 × 7.5 in
104 pages
Catalogue, Photography, Painting, Film

INVENTIO, bringing together scenes from the histories of cinema, painting and photography, tries to reimagine the moving image experience of the pre-cinematic age where the streets and city landscape more generally were opportunities for experiencing (and being struck by) the wonder of image animation. Strictly speaking it is not just reflections and shadows that produce the moving image as an integral part of this pre-cinematic everyday life. For architecture itself and the framing devices of buildings and windows, and the way in which our mobility through and around these can animate and bring the city to life, these prepare the subject for the experience of an autonomous moving image (‘the cinema’). The reading of INVENTIO is similar to a kaleidoscopic vision of the history widened by movies presented to the Louvre and which is also the one of Mark Lewis.

This book is a complement in three films Hd realized by Mark Lewis for its exhibition INVENTION AU LOUVRE, October 9th 2014 – January 5th 2015.

  1. Inventio

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