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Hillel Roman
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19.2 × 25.6 × 1.5 cm
140 pgs
Monograph, Contemporary Art, Drawing, Sculpture

Hillel Roman’s Universal integrates his videos, sculptures, and drawings in the elaboration of a volume which seeks to deconstruct as much as it does to enchant. By re-presenting a variety of internet-sourced utopian images which both seduce, entice, and dominate us, his work calls into question popular mythologies.

At the same time, the work simultaneously celebrates the internet’s inversion of hierarchies of knowledge by changing how information is exchanged, and unseating the dominance of experts within the epistemological fields of knowledge.
the endless stream of internet sourced images which surround us.

Featuring an essay on the artist by Merhav Yeshoron.

First edition of 500.

Clothbound harcover, perfect-bound, colour.

  1. universal 1
  2. universal 2
  3. universal 3

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