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cherry kutti
cherry kutti

“Music was an important tool for me in navigating an upbringing that valued suffering in silence. But how do I celebrate the music that shaped me after learning of the racism, sexism and violence perpetrated by the people who made the music? How do I separate my idols from their actions?

With BIG FAN I attempt to capture the impact music had on me, but also highlight the distance I felt from that culture. I decided to work with the idea of a band t-shirt that winks at an album, without centering it. So, instead of wearing a band t-shirt, I wear a t-shirt of another girl wearing the t-shirt.”

Black digital print on white tee-shirt

  1. Big Fan Shirt (1)
  2. Big Fan Shirt (2)
  3. Big Fan Shirt (3)
  4. Big Fan Shirt (4)
  5. Big Fan Shirt (5)

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