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Scapegoat Issue 10: Night

7.5 × 9.3 × 0.8 in
244 pp
Architecture, Politics, Criticism

Edited by Christine Pearson, Will Straw.



Sophie HAMACHER, On the Night Bus

Pohanna Pyne FEINBERG, Review of Night Walking by Matthew BEAUMONT

Marie-Paul MACDONALD, Trajectories and Territories: Hendrix Soundscapes

Christian DIMMER, Erez Golani SOLOMON, and Brian MORRIS, 1am-5am: Tokyo Urban Rhythms and the Politics of Train Schedules

Ersela KRIPPA and Stephen MUELLER, AGENCY, The COver of Daylight: Negotiating Transnational Infrastructures on the U.S.-Mexico Border

Anna DIETZSCH, for CoLaboratorio, An Intro to a Night Manifesto

Lucía Jalón OYARZUN, Night as Commons: Minor Architecture and Dayfaring Citizens

Kurt KRALER, Moulin Rouge Las Vegas: Nightlife Architecture and the Struggle for Civil Rights

DJ ZHAO, Dance Dance Revolution

Ming LIN and Will DAVIS, Shadowplay

Cristina JORGE, Night for Day: From UV Flooding to IR Drought

Magnus ERIKSSON and Geraldine JUÁREZ, The Biopolitics of Melanopic Illuminance

Rui LIM, Latitude of Darkness

Rita LEISTNER, Khalil (Hebron) at Night

Eleonora DIAMANTI, The Parabola of Italian Discotheques: Between Radical Architecture and Spaghetti Dance

Curt GAMBETTA, Light Space

Xenia BENIVOLSKI, Night Gallery

Peter Lamborn WILSON, Dark House: Nocturnal Architecture in the Art of Leonora Carrington

An Interview with Philippe RAHM

Catie Newell, Cover the Flame

Text By Jasmine PISAPIA, Images By Malena SZLAM, Through the Keyhole: (Photographic) Desire and Astronomical Imagination

Natalie JACHYRA, Presence

Marcin KEDZIOR, More Blinding than the Night

Will STRAW, Dossier: German Nights

Josiane Meier and Dietrich HENCKEL, Urban Lightprints: All but Static

Jokob F. SCHMID, Stadtnachacht: Mapping German Nightlife

Sheraz KHAN and Christine PREISER, 168 Hours Berlin – Friedrichshain: A Spatiotemporal Analysis

SPARROW, Night Poems


Softcover, perfect-bound, b&w

  1. Scapegoat 10

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