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Low Ropes Course

Jesse Harrod
Publication Studio Hudson
Artists' Books
18 × 21.5 × 1.2 cm
166 pp

Sculptor and installation artist Jesse Harrod has been writing and making work that employs traditional and contemporary craft practices for the past seven years. By creating both large and mid-scale installations out of vernacular and lowbrow materials conventionally associated with hobby crafts and domesticity, Harrod explores craft as a shadow category of art production to traditional or mainstream fine art.

Low Ropes Course documents some of her recent work in fibers, including paracord macramé sculptures and drawings. The queerness, Maximalist aesthetics, and feminist politics that inform Harrod’s work are addressed in essays by curators Danny Orendorff (Museum of Art & Design) & Anthony Romero, and by art historians Jenni Sorkin (UC-Santa Barbara) and Beth Capper (Brown); and in dialogues with fellow artists Lisi Raskin, Laurel Sparks, Allyson Mitchell and JD Samson.

Book Design by Taylor Engel.

  1. Low Ropes Course

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