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Fowre #1: Synthesizers

Publication Studio Hudson
Artists' Books
14.5 × 22.6 × 0.6 cm
91 pp
Music, , Cassette

From the introduction to the book:

“The history of the synthesizer is the work of another book. This collection of diverse material is like a small exhibition at a county art museum—drawn together and organized by topic, ringed around with a little prefatory or commentary material, but largely made available for you to dwell in and ruminate on at your leisure on the weekend, or if you get out of work early one day. Synthesizers fascinate us, I think, because they seem so otherworldly. They exist at the fringes of music, apart from wooden and brass instruments. They appeal to our fetishization of technology, of the other, and tempt us into the marginal space between what we can comfortably say is music and what we have our doubts about.”

Featuring interviews with synth musicians Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, M. Geddes Gengras, Anthony Rolando, and Owen Osborn & Chris Kucinski; and original writing from Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker, Olivier Gillet, Brian Dewan, and Andrew Siskind.

Fowre #1 includes a 60-minute audio supplement of beautiful rare and early synth music on cassette tape, curated by Leo from Vermont, and is accompanied by this free synth playlist curated by editor Andrew Siskind.

Illustrations by Christin Ripley and Matt Bua. Cover art and design by Robbie Simon.

Softcover, perfect-bound, b/w & colour + audio cassette

  1. Fowre #1

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