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Rajni Perera
Rajni Perera
Gifts By Artists
“These hand-turned wooden nublets are just about ready to blast off into your heart, leaving behind only a trail of cosmic cuteness. A flawless gift for those space cases in your life whose material worlds seem a bit bare. Edition of 6.”

6 conical original hand-turned wooden objects – please specify which object you wish to purchase when placing your order. Photos 2-6 are currently available.

This series of objects expands upon a prior series of work exploring the special physicality of the cone shape as a starting point to abstractify the aesthetics of science and science fiction. By implying either a solid object, wake of energy or exhaust, or shape of trajectory, the cone shape is used continuously in physics illustrations. In this series the shape is interrupted and diversified further based on ongoing space-photography and astrophysics research. – Rajni Perera

Every. Day. Objects. Catalog copy written by Lena Suksi + Fan Wu. Photos by Yuula Benivolski.

  1. Perera - Original Objects
  2. Perera - Original Objects
  3. Perera - Original Objects
  4. Perera - Original Objects
  5. Perera - Original Objects
  6. Perera - Original Objects
  7. Perera - Original Objects

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