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Issues Magazine - Winter 2018: Third Issue: Money Issues

Tal Sofia
Artists' Books
12.5 × 20.3 × 0.5 cm
32 pp
Periodical, Essays, Personal Texts, Illustration

Issues is a biannual magazine celebrating modern-day issues; each issue is dedicated to a different “issue” and the various ways it manifests itself in our lives.

The third issue of Issues is all about those Money Issues: got money, no money, drowning in money, the philosophy of money, economy, funny-money. Working for free, paying too much, money as substance, bills, coins, gold-bars, ATMs, lost coins, lucky coins, dollars, yens, drachma, pounds, old shekels, new shekels, inflation, deflation, shopping online, haggling, loose change, corruption, scams. Last chance! Sale!

Doron Yaacov / Johanna Asseraf / Tamar Moshkovitz / Tal Baltuch / Danna Frank / Amit Ben Haim / Klone / Intern Magazine / Andre Missing / Frenemy / Anna Mirkin aka foma <3 / Hans Boers / Gavriella Melloul / Naama Ben Moshe / Dani Golikov / Ilansky / Hadas Friedland Hayun / MeanTime ForEver / Guy Hajaj / Jeff Tallon / Yaara Kass / Kiril Cherikover / YoEl / Hila Benyovits-Hoffman

Softcover, staple-bound with 11 × 17” folded poster insert, 2-colour risograph
Numbered edition of 100

  1. Issues Magazine

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