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Myung Feyen, A Book About Some People And Time

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17 × 24 × 1 cm

When you meet Myung Feyen, you are never quite sure at what point everyday life spills over into art. Her letters arrive in archaic envelopes, handwritten or typed on an old fashioned typewriter on paper salvaged from an archive or a bankrupt stationery store. Such a letter becomes a unique ‘object’, a piece of graphic design. Her texts, however intentionally mundane, are meticulously crafted, often with an unexpected poetical twist. A correspondence regarding an upcoming appointment can easily turn into a small collection of poetry or visual art.

Such a correspondence cannot be distinguished from the projects, which she presents as works of art. She has a collection of passport photographs of people who have played an important role in her life in some way, accumulated since her early youth. She takes photographs of her parents on every occasion she meets them, keeping the photos in an archive along with the date they were taken. For years she has been making lists of everybody who has come over to visit her. She also creates diagrams of this information — strange calendars drawn on the walls of exhibition spaces. She collects water and sand of places she or her friends have visited. These samples are packed and kept in a standard uniform method and then documented. Bit by bit, an atlas containing the voyages of Myung Feyen and her friends comes into being.

Edition of 500

  1. Myung Feyen, A Book About Some People And Time

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