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If You Leave Volume III Laurence Tarquin Von Thomas (Editor)

Laurence Tarquin Von Thomas
Artists' Books
24.5 × 17 × 1 cm

Softcover, full-colour photographs, silver front and back folded covers.

If You Leave is a collection of contemporary photography, snapshots of a journey made by wanderers who study the mysterious yet uncannily peaceful feeling of desolation and loneliness. it is more concerned with the impact of a single image, rather than a body of work by an individual photographer.

Capturing the beauty of solitude does not merely consist of the act of photography itself, it is the representation of a silent idiom of faces, landscapes, subjects and objects, all in their most personal and intimate états d` être.

As a collection it features the work of over a 100 different photographers from all over the world.

Photographer Laurence Tarquin Von Thomas has been curating If You Leave online since November 2009.

This third book is a selection showcasing images exhibited online in 2012.

  1. If You Leave Volume III

Laurence Tarquin Von Thomas (Editor)

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