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Wendy Critical Reader

Walter Scott
Art Metropole
18 × 24 × 1 cm
Comic, Canadian, Illustration, Tote bag, Art Metropole Edition

With contributions by Ange Loft & Danielle St-Amour.

The Wendy Critical Reader is a collection of stories that more closely examine the lives of Wendy, Winona, Screamo, and a new character, Useless Urban Person! Weaved in these fun, fashionable tales are themes of feminism, women’s labour, Indigenous identity, queerness, and using your iPhone too much. Featuring texts by conceptual darlings Danielle St-Amour and Ange Loft, this edition also comes with a limited edition poster and totebag!

Published by Art Metropole, Toronto, 2014.

Printed by Colour Code Printing, Toronto.

  1. Wendy Critical Reader

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