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The Hidden Cameras : Ecce Homo

The Hidden Cameras

Ecce Homo is a 2001 album by The Hidden Cameras. The band’s first album, it was released independently on Gibb’s own label EvilEvil. Several of the songs were re-recorded on the band’s later releases. This Canadian edition is on CD.

From Exclaim:

“Ecce Homo is their first record, a lo-fi affair that was written and performed on a four-track by singer/ songwriter/ guitarist Joel Gibb. Though this recording is from the early stages of the Hidden Cameras, it is a strong representation of the material played at the shows (with fewer instruments). Gibb’s natural ability to create sweet harmonies is truly impressive, as each song on the record is as hummable as the next. Instant comparisons are the folkier, wittier Belle & Sebastian compositions, the fanaticism of Hefner’s earlier material and the lulled vocals of John Denver. Besides the wonderful melodies and lingering vocals, Gibb also shines in his lyrical content and subject matter. Lyrically, songs like “Ode to Self-Publishing, Fear of ‘Zine Failure,” “The International Mild Mannered Army” and “High Upon the Church Grounds” are as interesting and entertaining as the titles sound.” – Cam Lindsay, 2002

Packaged in traditional jewel case with red plastic interior.

Track Listing:

A Miracle … 2:43
The International M.M.A. – The Mild Mannered Army … 4:26
Steal All You Can Motherfucker … 2:35
Ode To Self-Publishing – Fear Of ‘Zine Failure … 2:55
He Is The Boss Of Me … 3:12
I Believe In The Good Of Life … 3:44
High Upon The Church Grounds … 4:31
Heavy Flow Of Evil … 3:05
Worms Cannot Swim Nor Can They Walk … 4:09

  1. The Hidden Cameras : Ecce Homo

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