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split album

13 Moons and Disguises
Beniffer Editions
Audio CDR
12.5 × 12.5 × 0.3 cm

Disguises’s self-stylized evolutionary path is of no forward trajectory or logical progression but a befuddled stammer blind-folded through psychedelia and other forms of spazz-induced alchemy making them one of the more confounding units in the Toronto scene. Their first CDR finds them in full on enormity, lacerating the thick with a heavy masala effluvium, all grinding with cantilevers of noise. 3 tracks of joyful tone extinction from this opperation.

13 moons is the arryhthmic off-shoot of disguises with hands for misanthropic atonal throwdowns. Comes in a unique marbled cover with screenprinted innards.

  1. split album

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