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In the Night No One Can Spy

Daryl Vocat
Artists' Books
Screen Print
47.5 × 32.5 cm

Derived from found and manipulated drawings from old Boy Scout manuals, the work is part of an ongoing series of prints exploring a world where young boys create rituals, form bonds and explore dubious notions of morality. Rather than being simply victims of neglect, Vocat’s boys assert outsider identities, investigate power dynamics, and lay claim to a culture of their own making. This work reveals a secret world behind the good intentions of the popular world-wide Boy Scout movement. Vocat’s manipulation of Boy Scout imagery is part homage to and part critique of the original source, exposing in the process the private world of young boys, tagging along as they fumble between expectation and desire. Limited edition screen print.

  1. In the Night No One Can Spy

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