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Bill Burns
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Artists' Books
11.7 × 17.1 × 0.5 cm

The book is subtitled “A User’s Guide to the The Flora and Fauna Information Service Interactive Voice Mail System”, on view as part of Bill Burns recent exhibition, The Flora and Fauna Information Service, at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London, UK), through January-February, 2008.

0800.0FAUNA0FLORA describes the complexities of The Flora and Fauna Information Service, including the exhibition’s interactive toll-free telephone system – an interactive tool enabling users to help preserve plant and animal life in the Fertile Crescent and around the world.

Published by the Institute of Contemporary Arts, 0800.0FAUNA0FLORA is designed by Shannon Griffiths. The book is an exquisite companion to Burns’ Bird Radio/Vogelradio, published in 2007. Edition of 450, plus a special edition of 50.

  1. 0800.0FAUNA0FLORA

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