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Your Choice

Cathy Busby
Artists' Books
12.6 × 12.6 cm

Entitled ‘Your Choice’, this artist book uses supermarket packaging and display along with oversized vinyl banners to consider ideas about marketing and branding in the immediate aftermath of ‘Beijing 2008’.

Jingkelong is a busy neighborhood supermarket chain selling hundreds of food items. While some packaging refers to traditional Chinese ink-painting, calligraphy, and ceramic vessels, this is contrasted by a sea of contemporary promotional posters including a racing-car track scene and a view of oversized youthful athletic figures dwarfing the Olympics National Stadium Bird’s Nest, as documented in the first half of this publication.

During the Olympics and Paralympics, spectacular vinyl banners provided the packaging of Beijing for this momentous occasion. They were wrapped around the city’s ubiquitous hoardings creating a celebratory ambiance. The vinyl banner is the perfect large-scale sign solution since it can be inexpensively printed in full-colour, is opaque, durable and easily transported. For this book, the artist takes advantage of these qualities but presents something quite different – her unspectacular snapshots of supermarket and hoarding scenes making up the second half of this book.

Edition of 200, signed and numbered.

  1. Your Choice

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