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The Definitive Host: Audio CD and booklet

Brian Joseph Davis
14 × 21.6 × 0.1 cm
CD, Booklet

“The Definitive Host” is a collection of music and audio projects by Brian Joseph Davis created between 2004-2007, ranging from “Burned Album Scratching” to “Glitch Soul,” “Frankfurt School Punk” and “Mournal Choirs of Publicity Generated Pop Covers” and in the spirit of repackaging this 59-minute CD begins with two exclusive all-new works.

According to Chris Cutler:

“5 large-scale plunderphonic pieces: 5 box sets recorded on fast forward and edited into songs; 10 banned albums burned, then played; a script composed from over 500 film promo taglines (funny); 22 love songs, all played at once (nice). Plus a punk Adorno 7 inch (minima Moralia), the Sony BMG ‘end user agreement’ set for choir and Yesterduh (for massed mis-singing passers-by). Not everything works, but enough. Nicely packaged in a 12pp colour booklet.”

All sounds and images created by Brian Joseph Davis except where noted. Mastering and additional production by Jakob Theisen.

CD comes packaged in 10 page colour glossy booklet.

Track Listing:

1 Eula
2 The Franklin Mint Job
3 Il Bouno, Il Bruto, Il Skronko
4 iLife Stinks
5 The Ambient Honky
6 An Audio Walk Through Greater Newcastle
7 1913
8 1933
9 1963/2005
10 1966
11 1977
12 1984
13 1987
14 1988
15 1989
16 Voice Over
17 Yesterduh (All Together Now)
18 Yesterduh (Joe Meek)
19 Minima Medley
20 All You Get From Love Is 22 Love Songs

  1. The Definitive Host: Audio CD and booklet

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