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Expanded Standard Timeline - Artists and Electronic Media in Calgary

23.7 × 21 cm

“Expanded Standard Timeline” is an anthology of essays from thirteen Canadian artists-writers-activists. Published in connection with the 25th Anniversary of EMMEDIA, Calgary, it examines the history of Electronic Media Art in Calgary and Canada and related them to a broader constituency.

Includes essays by Tom Andriuk, Kay Burns, Nelson Henricks, Karen Knights, Valerie LeBlanc, Robert Milthorp, Sarah Murphy, Grant Poier, Leila Sujir and Brigitte Dajczer, Sheila Urbanoski, Sandra Vida, and Andrea Williamson; and interviews with Anonymous, Austin Andrews, Tom Andriuk, Marcella Bienvenue, Judy Cheung, Sharon Desjarlais, Diane Dickert, Kenneth Doren, Daniel Dugas, Kelti Duncan, Jim Goertz, Colleen Kerr (Grey), Paul Henderson, Nelson Henricks, Karilynn Ming Ho, David Hoffos, Vern Hume, Shauna Kennedy, Gerry Kisil, Sheryl Kootenhayoo, Jim MacSwain, Rita McKeough, Robert Milthorp, Peter Curtis Morgan, Keith Murray, Anne Marie Nakagawa, Grant Poier, Sharon Pollock, Sandi Somers, Janice Starko, Rae Staseson, Sharon Stevens, Leila Sujir, Sheila Urbanoski, Sandra Vida and Paul Wong.

  1. Expanded Standard Timeline - Artists and Electronic Media in Cal

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