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Free Mumia

Nina Koennemann
Spector Books
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22 × 28 × 0.5 cm

Könnemann takes an unmediated look at phenomena of the postmodern amusement society. Similar to the tradition of cultural anthropology, throughout her video work her camera appears to follow people at random in public places, or inconspicuously watches events from the sidelines and records social encounters. In this way, patterns of societal interaction at the periphery of raves and other large-scale events are revealed. Könnemann’s work characteristically makes use of a hand-held camera that reacts to movements in the crowd, tracing their aimlessness and drawing the viewer into what is going on.

Edited by Melanie Ohnemus, with texts by Katha Schulte and Melanie Ohnemus.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Nina Koennemann: Free Mumia at Portikus, Frankfurt, March 28-May 17, 2009.

  1. Free Mumia

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