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  1. Philip Ocampo and Kris Trofimova: Pluto: Issue 1
  2. Basil AlZeri: Balzeri by BALZERI Hairy Wrapping Paper
  3. Sidney Masuga: Web of Day
  4. Celia Perrin Sidarous: Leena’s rock, a pillow
  5. Will Holder and David Osbaldeston : INFLECTION SANDWICH
  7. As a “Dilemma“ We’re Seen as Enormous (Tokens are Currency)
  8. The Thing Quarterly - Issue 32: Experimental Jetset
  9. Sarah Haug: Silky Nipple Fluffy Butt
  10. The Thing Quarterly - Issue 31: Ken Kagami
  11. AM Poster Series 2016: Raymond Boisjoly
  12. PPP - The Zines of Paper Rad
  13. Hamish Fulton: Walking Transformation
  14. Step to the Tett
  15. Alicia Nauta: Path of a Dying Sun
  16. Alicia Nauta: Half Sanctuary
  17. Eunice Luk: Not A Line, But A Poem
  18. Mark King: Ella
  19. The Hidden Cameras at Hebbel Am Ufer - HAU1 (poster)
  20. Beni Bischof: Added New Protection (special edition)
  21. Comment Section #2
  22. Bruit De Fond - Background Noise
  23. Kevin Rodgers: Nevertheless
  24. Sandy Plotnikoff: What Would Do? Poster
  25. Michelle Kurancid: Cross Country Cane
  26. Lawrence Weiner : Twenty Works
  27. Robin Cameron: Special Edition for Art Metropole
  28. Miyo Takeda: Counterfeit ’No Frills’ shopping bag
  29. Ben Kinmont: Towards a definition of project art… Ethical considerations in project art
  30. Ben Kinmont: Towards a definition of project art… Ethical considerations in project art
  31. Ben Kinmont: Speculum mensae
  32. Ben Kinmont: On becoming something else, in public
  33. Ben Kinmont: On becoming something else, in private
  34. Tracy Ma: Cute Things HK
  35. Felicity Tayler: A Group of Cluster of Related Things (un groupe des choses èparses)
  36. Mat Brown: The Temptations of Cryogenian Thermal Genesis
  37. Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed: Lesbian Confetti Posters
  38. Birdhead: BAG ART: Toronto Shopping Guide
  39. Man’s Ruin
  40. Bruce LaBruce: L.A. Zombie (retro poster)
  41. Bill Burns: Ornamental Stick
  42. Instant Coffee: Proposal To a Monument, 2010
  43. Christian Bok: Odalisque 4
  44. Donato Mancini: Jonathan Livingston Boa Constrictor
  45. Emily Grove, Alison Kobayashi, and Jennie Suddick: CRY SCHOOL
  46. Tom Dean: Mercy Blanket
  47. Karen Kraven: Aspiration Kite #1,
  48. Antonia Hirsch: World Flag
  49. Mothers of Haiti
  50. Accidental Muse
  51. Paul Collins: Burying the H
  52. Dusty Peas: A Journey Through Time & Shapes (print/sculpture)
  53. Zin Taylor: Put Your Eye in Your Mouth: A Conversational Documentary Recording Martin Kippenberger’s Metro-Net Station in Dawson City, Yukon, poster (version for Pavilion Pro
  54. Aurelien Mole: Art dyslexie
  55. What Once Was: Theory of Everything
  56. Paul Collins: Etude de Perspective
  57. Jon Kessler Poster
  58. Chrysanne Stathacos and Andrew Zealley: untitled (key chain)
  59. S. P. Ehman, Jeff Halladay, Seth Scriver, and Erin Zimerman: Delusional Bro.
  60. Ron Giii: Non Contemporary t-shirt
  61. Derek Sullivan: Gift Wrap
  62. Diane Borsato: Parliament poster
  63. Stephen Andrews: Forecast
  64. Stephen Andrews: The 1st Part of the 2nd Half
  65. Stephen Andrews: Untitled
  66. Stephen Andrews: Hoi Polloi
  67. Micah Lexier: Wallpaper
  68. Arise! (The Internationale)
  69. John Marriott: Fall Guys Mobile
  70. Michael deCourcy : Dome Show Artscanada Insert
  71. ECKHAUS LATTA: Vulnerability Beach Bag
  72. Ian Wallace: At Work (Or Gallery 1983)
  73. Nathan Isberg: A Manifesto for Sincere Loss
  74. Art Metropole Poster Series 2014: Nina Koennemann
  75. Bernadette Corporation, Claire Fontaine, and Masanao Hirayama: AM Poster Series 2013, Mylar Edition Set includes Bernadette Corporation, Claire Fontaine, Masanao Hirayama
  76. Bernadette Corporation, Claire Fontaine, and Masanao Hirayama: AM Poster Series 2013, Litho Edition Set includes Bernadette Corporation, Claire Fontaine, Masanao Hirayama
  77. AM Poster Series 2013: Claire Fontaine, Litho Offset
  78. AM Poster Series 2013: Bernadette Corporation, Litho Offset
  79. From Decision to Heresy by François Laruelle
  80. Finding Oneself Outside: Uncomfortable Objects
  81. Micah Lexier: I AM THE COIN
  82. Stephen Ellwood and Stephen Ellwood: Untitled
  83. Maura Doyle: Dear Universe
  84. Bernhard Cella: Neokuratin, poster
  85. Jeremy Laing: Bed of Nails
  86. Derek Sullivan: Law & Order (February 2007 - April 2007)
  87. Wendy Coad: Sins are finished
  88. Mimmo Paladino
  89. Fernando de Filippi: Sostituzione
  90. John Heward-Mask Series
  91. Ernesto Tatafiore
  92. Robert Cumming: Silhouettes, Drawings and Photo’s
  93. Public Workshop-Ultra Red
  94. Instant Coffee: Miniature Show
  95. Genesis P-Orridge: Allegory and Self: Illustrations in Sound
  96. Seripop: Wavelength
  97. Matt Harley: Dinosaurs
  98. Noel Harding: Untitled/Self Titled
  99. Noel Harding: Untitled/Self Titled
  100. Mark Lewis: Counter Talk--The Body
  101. BLESS: Bless Basics No.13
  102. 30th Birthday of Fluxus “A Conceptual Country“
  103. International Mail Art Exhibition in Osaka
  104. Robin Klassnik: Exhibition Poster
  105. Exhibition Poster--Yasumasa Morimura
  106. Fernando de Filippi: Transcrizione--Fernado de Filippi
  107. Anthony Gorny: Bookworks: 1982
  108. Cioni Carpi: Gioni Carpi--one to come, one to go
  109. Fernando de Filippi: Exhibition Poster
  110. Exhibition poster
  111. Group Exhibition Poster
  112. Livres D’Artistes
  113. Mary Mary Quite Contrary
  114. Tony Oursler: The Influence Machine
  115. Art Asia Pacific no.47
  116. Jana Sterbak: Images pour la Lutte Contres le Sida
  117. Susan Silas: The Four Seasons
  118. Muntadas: Images pour la Lutte Contres le Sida
  119. Garry Neill Kennedy: Seizures Wallpaper
  120. Rodney Graham: Recital