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The FuneralChris Boni & Melissa Fisher

Melissa Fisher and Chris Boni
self published
Artists' Books
14 × 19.5 × 0.7 cm

Two softcover, perfect bound books with b/w and colour illustrations and English text in a custom two sided envelope with attached fringe accent on front. Edition of 50, numbered on back cover.

Ecstatic enjoyment has been given to us from the vantage of an outsider. Through an installation of photography, altered found objects, sculptural installations, and framed frottage rubbings we hope to convey the unique characteristics of The Caretaker, one of the most significant burgeoning artists today who works in “a hybrid re-localized manner”. This is not an embellishment, rather a spawn of defense to the subject of location – allowing for space and distance-given to trade upon our new-found axis of co-creation.

This publication was produced in tandem with the exhibition The Funeral at Narwhal Projects in Toronto and Two Cares Due None, an independent feature film created in Iceland, Italy, and Canada by Melissa Fisher and Chris Boni.

Designed by Sebastian Frye.


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