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JAM ON TOAST: Conversations with Katie Lyle and Vanessa Maltese, David Hucal, Hanna Hur and Jennifer Carvalho

Katie Lyle
Slow Editons
Artists' Books

JAM ON TOAST is a selection of responses written in conversation with friends and artists about painting. The project was organized by Katie Lyle and developed from a series of studio visits between summer 2014 and summer 2015 in Toronto. Lyle’s responses have been edited in an attempt to share a voice that reflects the process of figuring something out in the studio, the same way that paintings in the studio are not the same as artwork in an exhibition or gallery setting. Thinking about studio visits as a specific view of the process of making something, and figuring something out. Finally, each artist was invited to respond to the project in whichever way they wanted. These have been included loosely as responses.

Contributors: Katie Lyle, Vanessa Maltese, David Hucal, Hanna Hur, Jennifer Carvalho, Daniel Phillips.

Designed by Lisa McDonald and published by Slow Editions.

  1. Katie Lyle Jam Jam

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