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Women's Work

Alison Knowles and Annea Lockwood
Beth Anderon, Ruth Anderson, Jacki Apple, Sari Dienes, Nye Ffarrabas, Simone Forti, Wendy Greenberg, Francoise Janicot, Carol Law, Mary Lucier, Lisa Mikulchik, Ann Noel, Takako Saito, Carolee Schneemann, Carole Weber, and Julie Winter
Barbara Benary, Heidi Von Gunden, Christina Kubisch, Pauline Oliveros, and Mieko Shiomi
Elaine Summers and Marilyn Wood
Primary Information
22 × 23 cm
Activism, Illustration, Music, Performance Art, Anthology

Originally published in the mid-1970s, Womens Work was a magazine that sought to highlight the overlooked work of female artists working at the cusp of the visual arts, music, and performance. The magazine was edited by Alison Knowles and Annea Lockwood and featured text-based and instructional performance scores by the following 25 artists, composers, and choreographers:

Beth Anderon, Ruth Anderson, Jacki Apple, Barbara Benary, Sari Dienes, Nye Ffarrabas (participating as Bici Forbes), Simone Forti, Wendy Greenberg, Heidi Von Gunden, Françoise Janicot, Alison Knowles, Christina Kubisch, Carol Law, Annea Lockwood (also included as Anna Lockwood), Mary Lucier, Lisa Mikulchik, Ann Noël (included as Ann Williams), Pauline Oliveros, Takako Saito, Carolee Schneemann, Mieko Shiomi, Elaine Summers, Carole Weber, Julie Winter, and Marilyn Wood.

The magazine was designed by Alison Knowles, who deliberately chose off-white paper and brown inks as a contrast to the sterile, white-paged publications prevalent at the time. The works contained in the magazine range in scope and take on a multitude of forms, employing both typed and written text, often with visual elements such as diagrams, drawings, and photographic images. The editors were and remain adamant that the work should be performed; that they not remain static as an artifact.


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