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G.P.O. v G.P-O: Mail Action (Bootleg series #2)

Genesis P-Orridge
Art Metropole
Artists' Books

In the spring of 1976 Genesis P-Orridge was charged by the General Post Office of Great Britain for sending “indecent and offensive material” through the post. His postcards contained collaged pornographic imagery, erotic texts, and images of the Queen. The contents of this book reprint the artist’s collection of official investigation documents from the post office, the police, the courts, and correspond-ence from artists, writers, lawyers, and friends; including extensive communications with William S. Burroughs. Opinions of the international mail art scene are revealed. Includes many photos of the artist and supporters attending the trial, for which wedding-type invitations had been issued, and reproductions of the original postcards.

Originally published in 1976 by Ecart Publications, Geneva. Art Metropole’s “Bootleg” of the original is available as a regular edition, and as a limited edition of 23 copies with signed and numbered colour copies of the artist’s postcards, and a rubber stamp bearing the text “UNSOLICITED PORNOGRAPHY”.

105 pp., 21.5 × 28 cm., paper

  1. G.P.O. v G.P-O: Mail Action Bootleg no.2 - Genesis P-Orridge

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