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Althea Thauberger
Artists' Books
14 × 12.5 cm

The Songstress project began with a classified ad in a local Victoria B.C. newspaper requesting meetings with young female singer/songwriters to be featured in an art film. This audio cd is one of the results. Eight 15 to 27-year-old women had been selected by Thauberger to record their own songs and then to perform them for film in a natural setting. Their songs are interspersed with sounds of the natural environment. The artist draws particular attention to the cliché of the empowered female persona as characterized by a spiritual connection to nature. The bookwork includes colour images of the performers surrounded by nature and reproductions of their hand-written song lyrics. Also includes Kathy Slade’s text ”Songs for Girls”. Watch for the video in festivals near you.

  1. Songstress

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