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Christian Marclay
Art Metropole
Printed Felt
31.5 × 31.5 cm

Slipmats is a multiple made by Christian Marclay as a Fundraising Edition for Printed Matter and Art Metropole. Each pair of custom-made slip mats is dye-printed with a photogram of each of the artist’s hands and is housed in a clear vinyl sleeve.

Christian Marclay’s remarkable body of work exploring the space between what we hear and what we see has earned him acclaim both as a visual artist and as a musician in the United States and Europe. His concern with how sound is experienced, visualized, and translated into other forms leads him to work in a broad range of media. The slip mats are a beautiful distillation of his interdisciplinary approach, as they are made for DJs turntables – and so evoke the sounds associated with scratching and sampling. The mats also reference Marclay’s decades-long career as a DJ and experimental musician, and his use of the turntable – and other stereo components – as expressive tools.

  1. Slipmats

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