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DO NOT USE SAN ROCCO #5: Scary Architects Matteo Ghidoni ( Editor)

San Rocco
Artists' Books
17 × 23 × 1.5 cm

#5 Fall 2012

The latest issue of San Rocco Magazine confronts the horror of architecture: “What should we think of the architects who have decided to scare the rest of the world deliberately? And what about buildings that are not just big and uncanny, but deliberately dark, windowless, gloomy, repulsive, or anti-human?”

SAN ROCCO is a magazine about architecture.

SAN ROCCO does not solve problems. It is not a useful magazine.

SAN ROCCO is neither serious nor friendly.

SAN ROCCO is written by architects. As such, SAN ROCCO is not particularly intelligent, or philologically accurate. In SAN ROCCO, pictures are more important than texts.

SAN ROCCO is serious. It takes the risk of appearing naive.

SAN ROCCO will not last for ever. There will be no more than 20 SAN ROCCOs for the single five-year plan.

San Rocco is the name of a place in Monza, not a nice place. Giorgio Grassi and Aldo Rossi engaged in a design competition for this place in 1971. The project was not built; ordinary housing blocks were built instead.

  1. DO NOT USE SAN ROCCO #5: Scary Architects

Matteo Ghidoni ( Edit

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