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The Way Up and the Way Down are One and the Same

Yam Lau
Yam Lau
Artists' Books
14 × 22 × 1.3 cm

The white, hardcover book bears the title stamped in silver foil along the spine and has a white satin ribbon for convenient page marking. The front and back covers are pristine white, as are all of the interior pages. This blank bookwork is intended to accommodate its own future transformations and interventions. This is the first stage of Yam Lau’s book project, which continues to solicit interventions by others. By itself, the book can be used as a notebook. But a transformation provides the book with new and unexpected usage. See one of its transformation/incarnations with dust jacket and bookmarks, in our listings for more on this bookshop intervention..

  1. The Way Up and the Way Down are One and the Same

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