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Up and down all year long subscription service - amy lam

Amy Lam
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Subscription Envelope & Form

The Up and Down All Year Long Subscription Service is a monthly mailing of a timely object, made lovingly by Amy Lam, to be enjoyed by you, subscriber, in the comfort of your home. No longer will you have to venture into the wide open to search for new amusements; they will come flying through the air into your arms.

Planned works include:

Colour Flip Book; Knitted Mobius Strip + Why Computer Science is a Home Craft pamphlet; Personalized Acrostic Poem of Your Name; and so on.

Each object will be a numbered edition. The service is limited to 25 subscriptions, for all time. Within Canada, the subscription service

costs $24 CDN. A $6 CDN surcharge will be added to all US orders.

Subscribe before January 25th! All issues are mailed on the 25th of each month. If you miss January 25th, you can subscribe for February’s issue by February 25th. You will receive all back issues you have missed, in a timely fashion. Satisfaction guaranteed!

  1. Up and down all year long subscription service - amy lam

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