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A Minute of My Time (September 23, 1998 21:53-21:54)

Micah Lexier
Charles H.Scott Gallery
21.5 × 27 × 5.5 cm

3 silk-screen printed nylon flags, each 3 × 6 ft. Number 4 in an Edition of 10.

A Minute of My Time is a major body of Micah Lexier’s work, started in 1995. Each “minute” is tagged with the date and time of execution and is represented by a scribble that took the artist one minute to complete. These little drawings convey a certain sense of anonymity while remaining as personal as a fingerprint. Once made and the title noted, the drawings may be rendered as stainless steel cut-outs, printed as editions, boxed, made into reverse stencils that are spray-painted on walls and so on.

  1. A Minute of My Time (September 23, 1998 21:53-21:54)

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