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Of Silence

Robert Bolton and Christine Mangosing
self published
Artists' Books
28 × 21 cm

‘Of Silence’ is a book with audio CD by Christine Mangosing and Robert Bolton

The book contains a visual score for the Times Neue Roman song ‘Of Silence’. The project examines silence – its liminality, its spiritual significance, its role as artistic muse and its inherent incompatibility with commerce – as a space for contemplation and resistance. The graphic notation routes a sonic cartography of Toronto’s loudest intersections, translating urban noise and its absence as text and image.

-Robert Bolton

1. Of Silence – Times Neue Roman

2. Of Silence – Sarah Shafey and Robert Bolton

3. Wolflove – Sarah Shafey and Robert Bolton

4. Last Thing (PSBEUYS ‘Of Silence’ edit) – Times Neue Roman

  1. Of Silence

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