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J'ai vu ton travail, mais je ne t'ai jamais rencontré / I saw your work, but I never saw your face

81.3 × 50.8 cm

Lorna Bauer, Vincent Bonin, Yuki Higashino and Jon Knowles have created a fundraising edition in support of L’escalier magazine. Available both as a framed and unframed print.

During the 1990s, site specificity was endowed with new value, but in many cases the site had to be become mobile, as artists were traveling more and more. In 1997, an Austrian schilling was produced with the image of the Secession building on it. That same year, this Viennese institution hosted the exhibition “Cities on the Move,” curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Hou Hanru. In their statement, the curators quote Rem Koolhaas defining cities as “unstable configurations.” A few years later, after the consolidation of the European Union, a group of institutions became nods in a network in which artworks, critical discourse and bodies could circulate more easily. Many protagonists within this network were also sharing English as the common language, much like a currency. The schilling is still on sale at the gift shop of the Secession, and you can sometimes find 50 cent euro coins bearing the same iconography.

Signed Edition of 30


  1. J’ai vu ton travail, mais je ne t’ai jamais rencontré / I saw yo

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