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Start, Stop.

Christof Migone
Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery
Artists' Books
20 × 25.5 × 1.2 cm

This publication is the result of an ambitious experiment with the notions of rythmicity, its deployments, variations and movements. Organized over two years and with the participation of twelve artists the publication not only documents two separate exhibitions but continues the examination. Rhythm is at the center of each contribution by artist and writer Christof Migone, philospher André-Louis Paré, poet Steve Savage and designers FEED, among others. Christof Migone’s writings have appeared most notably in the Los Angeles-based Errant Bodies Press.

Essays by Migone, André-Louis Paré and Steve Savage.

Interventions by Brian Joseph Davis, Karine Denault and Frédéric Lavoie.



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