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  2. Dodie Bellamy, Nayland Blake, Cecilia Corrigan, Amy De’Ath, Lynne Tillman, and Jackie Wang: SAY BYE TO REASON AND HI TO EVERYTHING
  4. Ben Burgess: Your Life Story
  5. Prefix Photo Issue 33
  6. Chris Kraus and Eileen Myles: I Love Dick
  7. Carousel Magazine
  8. Amit Middel: Almut Middel: Consumidor
  9. Alexander Nemser: The Sacrifice of Abraham
  10. Ukraine (In the winter & spring of 2013-2014)
  11. Quinn Latimer and Akram Zaatari: Film as a Form of Writing
  12. Shirana Shahbazi, Tirdad Zolghadr, and Tirdad Zolghadr: Medium #3: Drama