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  1. Lawrence Weiner: THE GRACE OF A GESTURE
  2. NO-ISBN
  3. Gerhard Richter: Comic Strip
  4. Sterling Ruby: Soft Work
  5. Texte Zur Kunst, Issue no. 91: Globalism
  6. Claire Bishop: Radical Museology: or, What’s Contemporary in Museums of Contemporary Art?
  7. Andrea Fraser: Texts, Scripts, Transcripts
  8. Peter Fischli & David Weiss: 800 Views of Airports
  9. Written on the Wind: Lawrence Weiner Drawings
  10. Emily Jacir: Ex Libris
  11. The Secession Talks: Exhibitions in Conversation 1998-2010
  12. Peter Fischli and David Weiss: 800 Views of Airports
  13. Gerhard Richter: Patterns
  14. Jochen Lempert: Drift
  15. Whatever Happened to Sex in Scandinavia?
  16. Lucy McKenzie: The Inventors of Tradition
  17. Luis Jacob: Album III: image bank
  18. The Shadow and Her Wanda: Story and Pictures and Footnotes by Paul Chan (strictly for children)
  19. Yona Friedman and Hans Ulrich Obrist: Yona Friedman: The Conversation Series 7
  20. Hans Ulrich Obrist: Rem Koolhaas: The Conversation Series 4
  21. Robert Crumb and Hans Ulrich Obrist: Robert Crumb: The Conversation Series 1
  22. Hans-Peter Feldmann: Ein Energieunternehmen (An Energy Company)
  23. Hans-Peter Feldmann: Blau: 3 Short Stories
  24. Hans-Peter Feldmann: Cahier d’images: Family
  25. Paul McCarthy: Tokyo Santa