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01 - 29 Oct. 2014

Pleasure Until Forever / Just Relax

Marlo Yarlo

Opening: Wednesday October 1, 7–10pm

“Objects never exhaust themselves in the function they serve, and in this excess of presence they take on their signification of prestige. They no longer “designate” the world, but rather the being and social rank of their possessor.”
 — Jean Baudrillard

If the products we purchase are not just objects but also a language that signifies a sense of who we are and what we desire to be, then what happens when the brand itself explicitly communicates the psychological production of self-identity and the simulation of happiness?

The Pleasure Until Forever bag by Marlo Yarlo will be circulating at the Art Metropole booths at Feature and Art Toronto art fairs in October, 2014, and will be available in Art Metropole’s shop.

Marlo Yarlo, a Toronto-based artist, explores the representation and function of the image related to consumer capitalism and materialism.

  1. Pleasure Until Forever / Just Relax