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  1. Tom Lecuyer: Caught in a fence
  2. Lindsay Lawson: Untitled Earrings
  3. Winston Hacking: Flayed Mainframe
  4. geetha thurairajah: To Shape a Sword
  5. Jaclyn Bruneau, Robert Dayton, Jacquelyn Ross, and Daniella Sanader: Young Adult // Issue No. 03
  6. Daniel Escamilla: La FIFA en vacaciones
  7. cherry kutti: WEIRD W/O U
  8. cherry kutti: BIG FAN Zine
  9. cherry kutti: BIG FAN Shirts
  10. The Thing Quarterly - Issue 33: Amanda Ross-Ho
  11. Tom Lecuyer: OKAY YES TEE
  12. Sue Williams: Details
  13. Michael Dopp: New Babylon
  14. Barbara Kapusta, Rocco Pagel, and Jenni Tischer: Dinge und Dialoge
  15. Barbara Kapusta: The 8 and the Fist
  16. Avery F. Gordon: Ghostly Matters
  17. Making Room: Cultural Production in Occupied Spaces
  18. Flag Over Valencia
  19. Leslie Dick: Voluptuous Panic, Digital Whirlpool
  20. Steve Kado: Brian